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The Illuminati

No it is not a dream
It is time to wake up

Freak and dream main here
It is the house of our assistence

It is the house — our selfies

And strangers governt him
Sad them with the is it nasty

No we can make again them
But I ask to see them

(20-20-7) We a presentase risk you
I the city goddy saw fifty little and a provel

Dark forse will die and light
Will brightly in crisp

Who will be in a after protect to stop
Doing everyday one and two

Illuminates and Madd sons
You any busters the block just creatine only

You have gun on tip
The new comin as tea and your people busters big

Will be not silly
Respect yourself don’t give up to boss

Of darkness listen to me
In many of you they isn’t a drop of blood

Чуешь? — But.. wait for many goddy sience
Chaming money is the evil

Understand in’d want a go
To understand that in these — world shit!

(Illiminates and Madd sons, you any busters the block just creatine only)

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